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My name is Damien and My age is 11 year old. I am year 7 and I do at school I play at the hut and my friends. When I get home, I play on my phone or play music on my dads speaker.

Maqueen Off Road

Our class has been learning to use MakeCode to code  our school microbits to drive our Maqueen Robots. Mrs Pye gave us a simple A3 paper maze to code our maqueen through and we were [...]

By | 2021-07-14T11:27:09+00:00 14th July 2021|Classes, Room 1|

Bob and the Legend

Bob was on top of the slide. He was so scared  but it was his destiny to go down the slide so he did . When Bob was falling down in the ball pit he [...]

By | 2020-07-08T15:38:14+00:00 8th July 2020|Classes, Room 1|