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3D Art Gallery on Camp

On November 17th 2022 on our  School Camp we went  to the 3D Trick  Art Gallery for a photographic challenge. In the building there were so many  2D  and 3D art pictures . When we [...]

By | 2022-11-29T11:39:01+00:00 29th November 2022|Classes, Room 1|


One year ago three heroes came to earth and  explored the world. When the heroes got tired they put their powers into the glass box in their secret tunnel.  But someone secret (wearing black clothes) [...]

By | 2020-07-08T15:20:16+00:00 8th July 2020|Classes, Room 1|


      On Thursday 19th March I finished my Picasso Art.  When I finished it, Mrs Pye put it on the wall. I liked my face with the colours.

By | 2020-03-20T15:27:02+00:00 20th March 2020|Classes|