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False Arrest-by Casey

   Windie was sleeping at her house at 24 Goof Street. The house she was in was 2 stories big. She was doing school work before she fell asleep.  But then the police woke her [...]

By | 2020-07-08T15:30:53+00:00 8th July 2020|Classes, Room 1|

Weird Nature Place

We started learning how to draw native trees by sketching them outside. Then we got the paper and first drew the background of water, sand mountains and other background details. Then we sketched all the [...]

By | 2020-07-08T15:26:34+00:00 8th July 2020|Classes, Room 1|

Blog About Swimming Sports

On Thursday 19th March the Poroti School Swimming Sports happened. It's when all the students and some of the adults do swimming competitions. When it was the parent's competition, I saw Kodie and Delilah nearly [...]

By | 2020-04-03T11:22:12+00:00 20th March 2020|Room 1, Sports, Whole School|