Betrayed by Lincoln-Blayze

Jack is ten years old, he goes to a private school in New York called Eton. Walking to school, Jack sees the nearby corner dairy. Looking for his money in his pocket, there was nothing. Jack wanted to get some lollies because he owed his friends. Creeping into the shop, Jack quickly grabs the first ten things he sees but was too busy looking at the shop keeper to see what he got.

Seeing the school down the road, Jack takes the lollies from his bag. He sees that he got 7 packets of lollies, one ice cream and 2 packets of chips. When Jack got to school, he remembers that the security came yesterday. Quietly and quickly .

Jack creeps past the guards and his heart pounds. Suddenly he bangs into the security guard, he almost drops the lollies. He speed walks pass. Putting his bag away he grabs out a pack of lollies and gives some to his friends. While he waits for the teacher, Jack gets sweaty with fear . “Bang” the security guards slam the door open.

Jack’s heart drops.
‘Who stole the lollies from the corner dairy store?’
Searching one of Jack’s friends, the security guard find out the truth. Jack stole the lollies. Betrayed by his friend, he gets dragged out of the class by the security guards.

Jack had to work at the shop for ten years because he stole ten lollies.

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My name is Lincoln-Blayze and I am I Year 8 at Poroti School. I love doing Maths and Sports. In my spare time I like to ride our bikes and watch Anime.

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