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Hello readers .Today I will be telling you about our new subject at school: Garden to Table . Yesterday Rimu made wedges, ( by the way they were dilish!)  Kowhai made – well partly made – plant holders made out of recycled yellow shirts  and Kauri weeded the gardens and  built up the compost bins. As you can see by the picture Kowhai had a lot of fun  playing tug-of- war trying to stretch the t shirts to make them longer.    We had to tie knots to be more precise –  a square knot . In the kitchen Rimu  made wedges and it look liked they had a lot of fun too.  Using  their clean hands they dug their hands into the wedges and turned them to put the mixture on the wedges.  Then they had to wait for half an hour for the wedges to cook . When we were walking to the kitchen the smell was sensational,  then we tried it.  All I have to say is it was life changing. This is how I am making my wedges from now on.

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