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This weeks Garden to TAble REPORT from TeHina .

Our plant pots and hangers are finally up in the front of the school.

On Tuesday, Kowhai was in media crafts and Rimu was in the kitchen, Kauri was in the garden. Kauri weeded and saved  the marigolds  because the weeds were over growing  the marigolds. Mrs Booth made frames so the peas can grow higher and faster and not flop.  Kowhai coloured in the rest of the pots and planted flowers in the pots. We also hung them up in the front of the school and by the office.  We paired up with junior buddies and went to the kitchen and garden to take photos of then baking and gardening. Rimu were baking with Mrs McDonald and Mrs McMurchy,  and they made pumpkin muffins and pumpkins scones,  which were mouth watering.


Puhi mixing the scone batter with Alice and Felix watching.



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