AG Day Dragon Eyes by Emma


Dragon Eye made out of Clay

Do you know what AG Day is? For those who don’t, AG Day is a day when we, Poroti School, show off exhibits that we create in class and at home. I’ll talk about my favorite exhibit. A Dragon Eye. We used clay to sculpt the base and the design and some extra features, such as the feathers aka feather horns. For the eye, Mrs Pye ordered them from Amazon. Our class got a small bit of tin foil, and folded it into a crude eye shape. Next, we chose an eye, which was the most exciting part for me, put it on the tinfoil, and sculpted a little more around the eye. When we were done, we put it out to dry.


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My name is Emma and I am 9 years old. At school I am a Year 5 and at school I like to do art . At home I like to read and write. I love my beautiful teachers and cats.

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