Going Luging on Camp Rotorua

A picture before our rides, next to Mr Jelly-Bean. On Wednesday the 19th of November, the Senior class of Poroti School drove to the Luge in the town of Rotorua. We rode up [...]

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Luging at Rotorua

  Luging was one of the first activities we did on Camp Rotorua 2022.  Everyone  had three runs down and and there were 4 tracks to pick from. When we got to the bottom we used [...]

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Luging. Winers vs Losers.

On Camp in 2022, we went to Rotorua and we went to the luging. To  get to the bottom from the top takes about  10 minutes. At the start, there was a good battle for [...]

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Treetop Walk. Camp 2022

We went on the Redwoods Treetop Walk while we were on camp in Rotorua. The  tree top walk  was an amazing walk  in the dark. It was  hard to see and scary to go on [...]

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