Lockdown A-Z Advice from Te Hina

Te Hina’s A – Z  of Lockdown activities you could do

A make Anzac cookies.

B play bat down in your garden

C play with your cat and cuddle it

D play with your dog and cuddle it

E bake eggs on toast

F fitness every morning

G make a garden in your yard

H give hugs to your family

I have ice cream after dinner

J put a jacket on when you go out

K play some kick outside

L make a lollipop rhyme

M make a monthly calendar

N make a card for your Nana

O make an obstacle course

P make pumpkin soup for dinner

Q pretend to be an evil queen

R make roast pork for dinner

S play in your sandpit

T play tic tac toe with someone

U watch universal movies

V make a violin to play

W have some white chocolate

X make a fake x-ray

Y make up a yoga move to do


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Te Hina
Hello viewers. I am 11 and in Year 7. I like to play soccer make new friends and watch AIMAE. My favourite character is Naruto.

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  1. Mandy Pye
    Mandy Pye 22 April 2020 at 6:21 pm - Reply

    You deserve ice cream after dinner for this amazing list Te Hina

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