My Cat Soots

Sooty is very shy and she got her name because of her black coat of fur. We got her at the SPCA in Newtown, Wellington. She is kind of thin.  She is very skittish and runs away when you run right at her. She loves sleeping on the master bed and my bed. She loves strokes, especially in the morning.  She purrs, she licks you, she lies down next to you and she puts her head on your hand. She is very scared of new people and she has to get used to you before you get to stroke her. She is nine yrs old, when we got her at the SPCA we could not see her at all! The SPCA coaxed her out so we could see her. When we did get a chance to see her she was a bit skinny and that is we adopted her. From then on she’s been part of the family.

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My name is Emma and I am 9 years old. At school I am a Year 5 and at school I like to do art . At home I like to read and write. I love my beautiful teachers and cats.

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  1. Mandy Pye
    Mandy Pye 3 May 2020 at 4:10 pm - Reply

    I love the fact that you chose Soots because she looked like she needed a home.

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