Room 2 Tuesday 31st August

Room 2 Home Learning – Tuesday 31st August

What did one traffic light say to the other?

Don’t look! I’m changing.

Hilarious! Thanks to one of the students in Room 2 for that gem!

Here is the plan for today…

9.30am Karakia and Attendance in the ‘Whole School’ Google Classroom.

‘Room 2’ Google Classroom for the rest of the day.

10.00am – Maths Challenges – Can you find the halves and the quarters? Write down your answers to share in our Google Classroom. Remember, ‘one half’ is one equal part of a ‘whole’ that has been split into two parts and ‘one quarter’ is one equal part of a ‘whole’ that has been split into four parts.

Find one half…


One half = how many tennis balls?


One half = how many floaty rings?



Find one quarter…


One quarter = how many cats?


One quarter = how many apples?



10.30am – Te Reo Maori –  This was so much fun last week that I think you should join me again for a game of ‘Pea nei, Pea na’. Parents are, of course, welcome to join too! Let’s see who is listening and following the actions.

If you want a little bit extra, here the link again to some Te Reo Maori word matching games, courtesy of The Te Reo Club. Click here to check them out! These games focus on words associated with the head which is part of our usual curriculum with Whaea Hoana, so some of them should hopefully be familiar! Enjoy!

11.00am – Morning Tea Break!

11.15am – Spelling words –  Your spelling words challenge today is to dodge the rain and head outside to spell as many of this weeks words using natural materials. For example, leaves, sticks, flowers, bark, and stones. Please take pictures, I’d love to see them!

If you find it outside, you can use it to make your spelling words 😉

11.30am – Reading – Mrs Booth will be reading with 2 groups today and she will let you know who, so make sure you listen carefully to instructions and pop into our Room 2 Google Classroom when asked.

Extra Challenge!

If you are wondering what else you could do, other than finishing off work in your Google Drive folders, here is a little challenge for you…


This word comes from our shared story ‘Kuwi’s Huhu Hunt’ by Kat Merewether. Your challenge is to make as many other words as you can using only the letters in ‘Scrumptious’. To make it a little bit easier, you can use the letters more than once.

Here are a few to start you off…

top, pump, I…

How many can you make? Write them all down on a piece of paper to share in class tomorrow. I might even be able to find some house points for the student with the most words!

Question Time – Our classroom will be open until 12.30pm for questions or chat or if you missed out and would really like to read to me, pick a book and pop in.

Have a great day team!

Mrs Booth









If you want some extra Maths, you will find some basic Facts practice in your Google Drive folders. These are Google Docs which means that you can type your answers in and I can mark them for you!


Question Time – Once again, our Google Classroom will be open until 12.30pm if you have any questions or want to pop in for a korero.

See you in class!

Mrs Booth



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