Room 2 Wednesday 1st September

Room 2 Home Learning – Wednesday 1st September 

Welcome Spring!! Today marks the first day of Spring. This is the season where the weather starts to get a bit warmer, the days get a bit longer, the lambs are born, and the daffodils start to flower. Can you spot any lambs or daffodils from your bubble?

Here is the plan for the day…

9.30am – Karakia and Attendance in the ‘Whole School’ Google Classroom.

‘Room 2’ Google Classroom for the rest of the day.

10.00am – ‘Scrumptious’ Words – How many words could you make? Meet me in our Google Classroom and we’ll compare…

10.15am – Chuka Chuk Challenge! – We have a special activity for drumming today (as well as a special guest hopefully)! For our drumming today you will need to have a look around your bubble and find something you can use as a chuka chuk. Check your toy box, garage, or kitchen (with permission, of course) and find a small container that you can put pebbles, popcorn seeds, rice, bolts, or something else you think might work to make a chuka chuk sound! You have 20 minutes to complete this!

10.40am – Quick Writes –  Grab yourself a pencil and some paper and get ready for quick writes! 10 minutes and as many words and sentences as you can write! Here is our picture for the day. This is Daisy the cow, as you can see, she is waiting at the bus stop with her packed bags.

I wonder…

Where is she going?

How will she get on the bus and sit down?

What does a cow pack in her bag?

11.00am – Morning Tea Break!

11.15am – Quick Writes Sharing – How many words did you write in 10 minutes? This is your opportunity to share your story with the class 🙂

11.30am – Drumming!! Time to test out our home-made Chuka Chuks! What did you find in your bubble that you think will work? How does it sound?? Do you remember the tricks that Molly taught us? Lets try them together!

Here are a couple of songs that we will use that you can practice to…

‘Giddy Up’ by Tahuna Breaks

‘Run’ by OneRepublic 

12.00pm – Reading – Mrs Booth would like to read with some students so listen out for your name and meet me in the Google Classroom. Pick a book from your Home Learning pack and have it ready 🙂

Question time – The Google Classroom will be open until at least 12.30pm if you have any questions or want to pop in for a korero. Don’t forget that there are Basic Facts Maths sheets to finish, Lexia, Math Symphony and the activities in your Home Learning Workbook to continue with.

Have a great day team!

Mrs Booth

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Hi Team. I am Mrs Booth and I teach in the Junior Classroom on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. My family includes my lovely husband Andrew, our two daughters Tamsyn and Hannah, our dog Jade and our cat Jasper. We live on a dairy farm in Titoki and love our rural lifestyle. I am committed to providing positive learning experiences and opportunities for students to be the best versions of themselves. I am very thankful to be a part the wonderful Poroti School Community.

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