Garden To Table, Kowhai Entry no 2

Honey Popcorn Rice bubble slice

Planting snow peas and building a frame

Finished pots and hangers

This Tuesday’s garden to table was our first full loop. Kowhai was back in media crafts, Kauri was back in the garden, and Rimu was in the kitchen again. In the kitchen Rimu made a honey rice bubble and popcorn slice and a really yum quiche with yellow zucchini, onion, cheese, milk, spinach, garlic, flour, eggs, and sliver beet. In the garden Kauri planted snow peas, carrots, spring, onion, and lettuce. They also got their wheelbarrow licences. My group Kowhai finished off some of our hanging plant pots and they look really cool. I haven’t finished mine yet.

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