Garden to Table report from Kowahi

Quiche cooking in the oven

Decorated plant pots in the plant holders

Getting wheelbarrow licences

Hi. Here is your blog of the week for Garden to Table.  Yesterday Kowahi finished off some of the garden pots and some started to decorat with Mrs J.  The bloggers like me took photos  and added them to G.T.T school folder ready for blogging and writing our journals.  Rimu made honey rice slices using the school honey.  By the way they were delicious,  and along with that they made Quiche using vegetables from our gardens.  That was yummy too. Their  teachers  were Mrs Maley, and MrsMcMurchy.  Mrs Macdonald who is normally in the kitchen  was away. Kauri was in the garden getting their wheelbarow licence and the other group of Kauri  planted and took care of the garden. They planted carrots, snow peas and more . Thank you for reading my blog.   Kowhai Reporyers  / Te Hina.

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