Room 2 Tuesday 7th September

Room 2 Home Leaning Tuesday 7th September

Let’s start the day with a little bit of exercise, team. Here is a clip for Cosmic Kids Yoga. Find yourself some space at home and have a go at something different. Enjoy!

Here is the plan for today…

9.30am – Karakia and Attendance in the ‘Whole School‘ Google Classroom.

Room 2‘ Google Classroom for the rest of the day.

10.00am – Maths Challenge! – Lets start the day with some more Fractions! Yesterday, we looked at picture and written fractions and I was very impressed! Today, I am going to give you the picture fraction and you are going to write the fraction in numerals.

Grab a pencil and some paper and have a go at writing these yourself. Then meet me in the Google Classroom and we will go through them together.









10.30am – Spelling Activity – Todays spelling activity is Spelling words 3 ways! Write your spelling words 3 times each. Once with pencil, once with colouring pencil and once with pen!

Then, pick one of your spelling words and use it in a sentence. The most creative and interesting sentence wins house points so put your thinking caps on!

11.00am – Morning Tea Break!

11.15am  – Super, Silent, Drawing – Ready for some more of Stuart Little? Find some paper and some colouring pencils and get ready for some SSD while Mrs Booth read some more of Stuart Little.

Ngā Tae Colours – We are going to watch an awesome little clip that shows us the names of the colours in Te Reo Maori and New Zealand Sign Language! Have a look and practice. Then we are going to ask each other what our favourite colour is and reply using Te Reo Maori and NZSL and see if the rest of the class can remember what the colour is! I hope you’re all switched on today!

Watch the clip here.

11.45am – There are some really cool online games courtesy of the team at The Te Reo Club that will test your knowledge of colours. Click here and scroll down until you find

Have a go! My personal best time on ‘Choose the correct colour’ is 28.8 seconds and I got them all right! If you can beat me (and prove it) there will be house points coming your way!

Question Time – As always, our Google Classroom will remain open until at least 12.30pm if you want to catch up or ask me any questions.

Have a wonderful day!

Mrs Booth


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